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Pauline McGuire Lic. I.S.H., ISHom

Healing begins from within your body. Homoeopathy is a system of medicine that uses natural remedies to stimulate your own in-built healing system. The remedies are non-toxic, have no harmful side effects and are all made from natural sources. This system of medicine is therefore suitable for people in all stages of life from babies to the elderly.

Homeopathy will treat the cause of your health problem, not just alleviate your symptoms, so you don't have to keep taking medicines indefinitely. It is an effective, scientific system of treatment which assists the body natural's tendency to heal itself. It works by strengthening your immune system (or Vital Force), thus making one less susceptible to illness and environmental influences.

Homoeopathy, natural healingIn use for over 200 years, and with a considerable body of research to prove its effectiveness, Homeopathy recognises that symptoms of ill-health are expressions of imbalance within the whole person, therefore treatment is individually and specifically tailored to each individual.

The first consultation will last approximately 1 hour where a full medical and personal history will be taken. This enables the Homoeopath to have a complete picture of your case then a remedy specific to your individual needs will be prescribed for you.

Pauline McGuire is a licensed, registered Homoeopath. Pauline studied at the Irish School of Homoeopathy in Dublin. She opened her Donegal Town Clinic in 2008 and was one of the founding therapists of Sláinte Natural Health Centre in 2010. “I love working as a Homoeopath. It is an honour to be in the position of introducing these wonderful remedies to my patients. It is with confidence that I prescribe the selected remedy, secure in the knowledge that it will do no harm but will gently restore and rebalance as the patient grows back into health”.

Article published with The Homoeopathic Times, The Space Keeper

Article published with The Homoeopathic TImes, A Homoeopath's Diary


Homoeopathy treatmentsPauline has successfully treated a wide range of conditions, including women’s health (PMT, Menopause, and Irregular periods), irritable bowel syndrome, migraine, anxiety and depression and numerous babies with colic, croup, coughs, colds, etc.



Homoeopathy and holistic healing

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